Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Loving: COZAMIA Fine Art Prints by Nancy Ramirez

I stumbled upon Nancy Ramirez's work some time ago on The Hunted Interior.  Kristen posted about a beautiful Cozamia print.  Considering I'm a huge fan of bright colors and affordable, quality art prints, that little glimpse had me at 'Hello'.

Here are two of my favorites that already have reserved spots in my home:

Cozamia Sweet Chinoiserie
Sweet Chinoiserie

Cozamia Flamingo Mingle
Flamingo Mingle

Check out Nancy Ramirez's full gallery at Cozamia.


  1. So pretty! These are so you - my favorites are the wild herringbone and the night peonies in blue - love them all, though!

    1. They are really nice, right? I seriously think I may soon turn into some kind of art-hoarder, but I suppose there are far worse things to hoard. :)


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